10 foods that put you in a bad mood

There are many things that we encounter on a day to day basis that put us in a bad mood. Heavy traffic, slow walkers, overbearing work load and even magic bus fare increases are just a few.

On top of this, even the things we eat  and drink can contribute to terrible moods. Below is a list of the foods to avoid if you want to stay perky and cheerful.

  1. Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks contain simple sugars which are quickly absorbed into the body. Despite giving instead energy, this energy does not last long and can make people feel like they’re ‘crashing’.

2. Bagels

Much like fizzy drinks, bagels contain simple carbohydrates which also causes a quick spike and then decline in blood sugar levels.

3. Salted peanuts

Most packets of salted peanuts contain high levels of sodium and MSG. MSG is an artificial flavouring that leaves people feeling fatigued and moody.

4. Bottled fruit juices and smoothies

Despite being marketed as a healthy alternative to other drinks, the fruit juices and smoothies on the shelves often contain up to 20 grams of sugar per serving. As a result, blood sugar levels peak and fall rapidly which contribute to mood swings.

5. Margarine

Unlike natural fats such as olive oil, nuts or avocado, margarine contains levels of processed fats. These types of processed fats can quickly increase and decrease blood sugar levels, making you irritable and more susceptible to weight gain.

6. Coffee

Dosing up on coffee in the morning to kickstart the day is something that many cannot go without. The instant hit of caffeine makes you feel more awake and prevents cognitive decline. However, consuming excessive amounts of coffee can alters your mood by impacting hormones, neurotransmitter function and nerve signalling.

7. Processed food

Despite often being delicious, processed foods contain additives, preservatives, saturated fats and refined sugars. Consequently, this can create emotional and mental imbalances in the body.

8. Wheat

Gluten in wheat is what makes people who consume lots of it partial to unfavourable inflammation of the stomach. Gluten also reduces mood, making people feel moody, even if they usually react well with it.

9. Agave nectar

Although famed for being a low-glycemic sweetener, agave nectar contains excessive levels of fructose. As a result, it increase the risk of metabolic syndrome. This affects mood stability the shrinkage of the brain.

10. Artificial sweeteners

Side effects of artificial sweeteners range from headaches, to dizziness, migraines and mood swings. They can also hinder the body’s ability to combat stress effectively.

Whilst this list of all the things you shouldn’t eat may seem daunting, stay tuned next Wednesday at 4.30 pm for the 10 foods that put you in a good mood.

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