10 Robotics and connected devices impacting our future

If you look ahead you can easily imagine a continuing evolution of intelligence. Robotic, connected, digital, and social technology. Innovations persisting for decades to come.

In their two most recent books – Beyond Genuine Stupidity and The Future Reinvented. Authors Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, April Koury, Alexandra Whittington, and Maria Romero explored how we can harness the potential of artificial intelligence. (AI), robotics, and a growing range of other increasingly powerful technologies in service of humanity.

Here are some examples.

Personal Drones for Security- Small drones may fly around a person’s property. Constantly monitoring and guarding against security threats like trespassers or burglars. They would be able to confirm the guests’ identities through video and facial recognition software.

Autonomous Cars- Self-owning independent taxis. Will earn fares for each ride, sharing revenue with those who manufacture, service, and refuel them. The cars would work in self-managing, self-insuring networks. Covering each other in the event of increasingly rare incidents.

Autonomous Drones for Crowd Control and Border Security.  Autonomous drones with AI enabled behaviour recognition and infrared capabilities could patrol border areas. Also other sensitive security situations when there are risks to safety and the potential for social unrest.

Robo-Mummy- Continuous monitoring of health indicators. This would allow your devices to order what you need to prevent you getting sick. They could nudge your decision making towards a healthier lifestyle and what’s best for you.

“No Strings Attached” Sex. Future personal pleasure offerings could include customised multi-sensory virtual reality (VR) experiences. Coupled with sophisticated sex toys to enhance the range of multi-sensory sensations for the user.

Robotic Farming- Our farms may become entirely automated. Intelligent robots will plan, plant, water, weed, fertilise, and harvest crops. At the perfect time based on a continuous feed of connected sensor information. An apple at a grocery store may never have been touched by a human hand

Personal Robo-Delivery. Small autonomous robots could soon run daily errands. As our grocery order or dry cleaning becomes ready. The robot is alerted picks it up from the local shops.

Automated Sharing- Sensors in devices and objects would identify opportunities. To participate in the sharing economy, i.e. rent or loan out your hammock, or home for a day. Robots would undertake deliveries and ensure building safety.

Environmental Monitoring- As more and more sensors are deployed. We can expect increased environmental monitoring. An autonomous car may receive tailored alerts to avoid certain streets with elevated pollution. Walkers might be alerted to avoid specific parks flowering plant may trigger their allergies.

AI HR – Artificial intelligence is already changing the way HR operates. Perhaps we are moving toward humanless HR with AI powered recruitment, selection, appointment and onboarding etc. Smart HR could also monitor us via all our devices and detect factors such as stress levels, distraction, the extent of social conversation we engage in, and when we are performing at our peak.

One thing is for sure. It the AI enabled future we will never be alone.  The times when you could decide to disappear for a while are coming to an end. You might be physically alone however your digital footprint, pulled together through all the connected devices and sensors on and in your body and around you, could reveal your whereabouts almost instantly.

These changes will continue to impact our personal and business lives. Let’s hope for the better.

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