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Over 11,000 for ‘Manchester Job Opportunities’

Akeim Mundell – Ambassador for Moss Side on behalf of the Manchester City Council, Teaching Graduate, alongside many other roles within the Manchester community – has hit a target!

In February 2014, Akeim realised numerous people in Manchester were unemployed, and struggling to find the right job for themselves. Individuals began contacting Akiem for help, whilst he was doing community work back then.

At the time, Akeim was coming across countless job vacancies online, in stores and was also receiving opportunities from local councils. Subsequently, he began sending job vacancies to those who got in contact with him.

Following this, more people flocked towards him so Akeim thought “Scrap this; I’m going to make a Facebook group, where those looking for job vacancies, can access them directly from the group”.

Under the name ‘Manchester Job Opportunities’, the Facebook page summoned people looking for jobs to join the group, citing “No doubt you’ll find something suitable for you”.

A couple of months in, the group garnered 250 members. Now, 22-months on, over 11,808 members – yes, eleven thousand, eight hundred and eight members – what an achievement!

“I’d often be shopping or out on the road and I’d see signs up in windows saying recruiting or job vacancies. Straight away I’d snap a picture, run in to get the information and then post it onto my group straight away”, Akeim said.

In a recent meeting, Trafford Housing Trust told Akeim that, he “has a massive amount of members that some recruitment agencies don’t even have!”

In addition to his day job, Akeim invests 3-hours per night daily into new job and apprenticeship searches, across various sectors from retail, security, catering, marketing to sales and much more.

Manchester City Council and the NHS also send Akeim vacancies directly via email, which he posts onto the group on their behalf.

On pointing out that he runs the initiative for free, people have often said to him “You can make money from this”. Akeim always argues “It’s not about the money and that’s not what I’m doing it for, I’m doing it because I know I can help others find the right vacancy for them; so that is what I want to do”.

The aim of the group is to offer information on job vacancies for the unemployed, or those who are just after a job change.

Recently, Akeim was awarded a small amount of funding to develop the group professionally – great news! The funding is being invested into a website, to promote the group and promotional materials such as: business cards, posters and radio advertisements.

The website has now been launched, so if you’d like to know more about ‘Manchester Job Opportunities’, check out:

Due to the initiative’s success, Akeim has won two awards. On 27 November 2015, Akeim won the ‘Community Project of the Year’ award at the Manchester Community Gospel Awards. The following week, he won the ‘Unsung Hero’ award at the Manchester City Council ‘Be Proud’ Awards. It’s nice to see that his hard work and dedication is being recognised.

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