18 babies die in Jamaican Hospital outbreak

















A hospital infection outbreak has caused a large number of babies to die in three months. Out of the 42 cases reported, 18 babies have died most of which were premature.

Jamaican’s health minister, Dr Fenton Ferguson stated that he was unaware of the situation until last Friday. However, the public has heard from a parent of one child who had spoken to the media about her concerns.

Medical microbiologist Dr Alison Nicholson also spoke this week, urging the public not to panic,  the deaths have been caused by two different bacterial infections that are quite common, klebsiella and serratia that were acquired in the  hospital.

“There is a growing panic in the public because of the way this has come out. But we are not panicking in the hospital. This is something we have to deal with from time to time, and we are doing everything we can to stop the outbreak.”

According to World Bank figures, infant mortalities have continued to fall in Jamaica since the 1990s.

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