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2 in 9 Mancunians would attend a UKIP rally


With nearly a third of people asked in Manchester saying they would attend a UKIP rally, do we need to be worried about popularity in right-wing politics?

Next week 20,000 people are expected to rally in the German town of Dresden in support of right-wing political group, Pegida.

Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West) are relatively new to the scene of German politics. Founded in October 2014, the party attract football hooligans and neo-Nazi’s – something the world knows all too well.

Their supporters have steadily increased in numbers, with 1 in 8 Germans saying they would attend a Pegida rally in their town.

Germany may have a history of fascism, but can we draw parallels to here in the UK?

In some ways, Ukip can be seen as the UK equivalent to Pegida. Ukip are getting a lot of attention in British politics with their thoughts on immigration and the EU surging to the forefront of a lot of Britons minds – whether they agree or disagree.

So how would our public react to a Ukip rally came to Manchester?

One woman from Longsight, wishing to remain anonymous, said: “I would attend a Ukip rally; I like what he [Nigel Farage] stands for. The immigration business, there are too many people coming into this country.”

Whilst others described Ukip as “nutters” with the potential to be “quite damaging,” 2 in 9 people said they would definitely attend a Ukip rally, additionally 5 out of 9 believed Ukip’s policies “made a lot of sense,” with their views on immigration and the EU cited as examples.

With right-wing European political groups – like Front National in France and Golden Dawn in Greece – rising to power and many British people becoming disenchanted with the current state of UK politics, Ukip are viewed by some to be a real threat to the country and it is a discussion that must not be shied away from.

TNT News India Greenhalgh

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