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20 years for ‘deliberate and violent’ shooting


A man who almost killed two people when he fired a gun into a parked car has been sentenced to two decades in prison.

Andrew Marcus Burke, 36, was convicted of two counts of section 18 assault following a trial at Manchester Crown Court. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for each count.

At about 10.20pm on Sunday 29 June 2014, two men were sitting in a Seat Leon on Radcliffe Road, Oldham, when a gunman – now known to be Burke – approached and spoke briefly to the occupants before shooting them both.

One man aged 19 was taken to hospital for injuries to his abdomen and the other, 20, for treatment to injuries to his buttocks. Both have since been discharged and have made a full recovery.

Describing Burke as “extremely dangerous”, Detective Chief Inspector Ian Crewe said, “The streets are certainly a lot safer now that [Burke] is starting day one of a 20-year jail sentence.

“We believe his attack was based on a previous dispute, but whatever his motivation there can be no excuse or justification for such a calculating, deliberate and violent attack on two men who were sat in a parked car.

“The length of the sentence Burke has got reflects just how serious his actions were and again sends a powerful message that Greater Manchester Police and the courts will relentlessly pursue anyone who fires a gun and those that do can expect a very long stint behind bars.”

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