2016 UK election results – so far

The results of the 2016 UK elections are sweeping in and here’s how the results are shaping up.

The SNP have prevailed in Scotland and have won what Nicola Sturgeon has called a “historic” third victory in Scottish Parliament elections, however they the party do not yet have enough seats for a majority.

SNP’s deputy leader Stewart Hosie has stated “There is not a mandate to deliver everything in our manifesto”.

Labour fell to third place behind the Conservatives with their worst result since devolution, with 24 MSP’s. On the contrary the Conservatives achieved their best ever result as they secured 31 MSP’s while snatching Glasgow’s Eastwood from Labour.

The Scottish Greens took 6 seats, all of which came through the regional list. They also possess Scotland’s youngest ever MSP, 21-year-old Ross Greer. The Liberal Democrats only managed to secure 5 seats, and as a result the Greens beat them into fifth.

With all the results now declared in Scotland, the SNP is the largest party with 63 seats, the Conservatives have 31 and Labour are trailing with 24. Labour remains the dominant party in Wales and are set to win 29 out of 60 seats, however they will fall short of a majority.

After the third successive victory for SNP the party are only two seats short of a majority, therefore for the time being the Scottish First Minister may have to deal with another party. They are likely to unite with the Greens.

The former Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has been re-elected, whilst current Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham is considering running for the newly created role of Greater Manchester Mayor. Labour’s Paul Denett has been elected as the Mayor of Salford.

Counting is ongoing across English councils while the London Mayoral result is expected to be revealed later on Friday 6 May. In Northern Ireland counting for the assembly election is under way although the final result is not due until Saturday.

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Photo Credit: David Holt 

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