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240 Drug drivers caught with new legislation

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) caught 240 drug drivers in nine months, following the introduction of new legislation.

On 2 March 2015, new legislation was introduced which set limits for 17 legal and illegal drugs, and made it easier for officers to detect drug drivers.

In addition, New kit was enabling officers to test motorists for cannabis or cocaine at the roadside using a saliva sample, was launched.

Between March and December 2015, police arrested 365 drug drivers and 240 tested positive.

Inspector Susan Redfern from the Road Policing Unit, said: “Officers are more equipped than ever to catch drug drivers and in the last year we’ve detected and prosecuted more people than ever.

“Drug driving is just as dangerous as drink driving and anybody getting behind the wheel under the influence of drugs is putting themselves and others at serious risk.

“Tackling this type of crime remains a priority for police but we also need the public to help us by taking greater responsibility for their own behaviour and challenging others.

“Our message is simple – if you are driving then no amount of drugs or alcohol is safe. Have none for the road, or arrange another way to get home”.

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