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The Nubian Times in early 2012 was not even a distant thought, but due to the divine intervention of The Most High, 3 women came together. Theses 3 women had different views, objectives and were from different generations – in one case, almost two decades between two of them. But the common goal and driving force between them all was one.

There was no other form or means to deliver real and relevant news to the masses in tangible form for the black and ethnic minorities. Additionally, there was no form of community news for all regardless of colour, on a grassroots level.

Thus, following a 5-day conversation at a leading Manchester hairdressing salon, the 3 women breathed life into a new baby – “The Nubian Times/TNT News”.

Our ethos is simple and yet infectious to all we meet; inclusion not exclusion is our driving force, unity in the community is of paramount importance.

Educating, informing, uplifting and empowering everyone with inspiring news wherever and whenever possible, to nurture the growing entrepreneurial next generation is our purpose. We have always wanted to empower our readers to challenge and push themselves to take whatever path in life they choose.

Being a viable business, community and commercial platform for all outlets is what TNT News was put here in Manchester for. To build and add confidence for small businesses, whilst engaging with medium or corporate ones, is vital to us – if not on a business platform, then as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The Nubian Times has had over 100 members of the public join our ranks in 3 years; whether it be full time, part time, voluntary, freelancers, columnists, distributors, administrators, drivers, SEO optimisers, designers, poets, cooks, editors, the list goes on.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for, firstly, your belief in TNT, your time and efforts. You can rest assured that each and every one of you has played a great part in history – especially the history of Manchester. We say Manchester simply, and essentially, because there has never been a publication like The Nubian Times – a newspaper that takes the time to hear all the real voices of Manchester, no matter the cultural melting pot you are from.

Unlike mainstream media and other publications, TNT News categorically knows you deserve to be recognised in all fields of news, not just negative news such as crime! We are not just musicians, nor sporting heroes – those are just the tips of our great icebergs. To know the diverse community of Manchester is a lesson we all should strive to learn.

TNT News

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