40 acres and a mule is not reparation…

“I’m sick of hearing people say that black people should just move on and get over slavery.” Benjamin said angrily as he drove the mini bus on the motorway that The Six had hired to go visit the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool.

“It’s easy for a person to say get over slavery who cannot identify with the psychological impact.” Steele said as he accepted one of the bottles of water that were being passed from the back of the mini bus by Nia.

Sasha added, “Slavery and genocide has not just impacted a historical population who were kidnapped from Africa but it has also impacted those of us who are the descents of ex-slaves.”

Benjamin observed, “I know other groups have suffered heinous crimes but we have been robbed of knowing who we are and our nation-hood…If you don’t know where you coming from how will you know where you’re going?”

Helping Ben to navigate Knight argued, “Even after the agony of slavery they still try to oppress us, you’ve all seen the Willie Lynch letter haven’t you.”

“Yes.” The Six replied sorrowfully.

Sasha gazing out the back seat window remarked, “The mental trauma of slavery has been put there by the oppressors but yet nothing has been done to take it out of us.”

Knight continued, “And forty acres and a mule could never be reparation not even in every person’s lifetime on God’s green earth…What a dam cheek!”

“Lela returned, “And no amount a money in di world could ever compensate, it would be just a mere drop inna di ocean.”

Passing a packet of crackers from her handbag to Lela, Nia stated, “Reparation would be acknowledgment for what has been done for a start.”

“Reparation would be allowing free thinkers and building black owned business.” Ben responded.

Munching on the crackers to prevent herself from feeling queasy Lela returned, “Reparation would be free from self-hate and crediting the contributions our culture brings to society considering we are a lost tribe and may I add not by choice.”

“I hear you Lela, peeps are always trying to continually make fun and disrespect our heritage but yet dem still a beg it.” Sasha commented.

Steele added in between his sips of water, “Reparation would be equality, not to be treated like a second class citizen but to be given the same opportunities as non-blacks.”

Benjamin asked The Six as he drove into the entrance of the Slavery Museum, “You do know who fought and died for our cause, don’t you?”

Proud and respectful Sasha replied, “Yes of course…Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, The Black Panthers, Huey P Newton, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and all the other ancestors gone, too many to mention but not forgotten…We salute you!”

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