5 great Christmas breaks abroad

For those who don’t like the same old traditions, TNT has compiled a list of 5 diverse winter holiday ideas. After having the same things on the agenda year after year, this could be the Christmas to celebrate somewhere different.

Jet off to a hot location

If you’re already struggling with the drop in temperature, why not disappear to somewhere warmer? It’s the start of the season in the Caribbean, meaning glorious sunshine throughout the UK’s coldest months. Escaping the cold and celebrating with your loved ones in a beautiful location could be the Christmas for you.

Say hello to Santa in Lapland

One for the biggest Christmas lovers amongst us is a trip to Lapland. This true Winter Wonderland has a magical adventure waiting for you. From snowy sleigh rides to a chat with Santa himself, it’s argued that there’s no place with more festive spirit.

Go on a skiing holiday

Another Winter Wonderland is the setting of a Christmas ski vacation. Days can be spent enjoying activities on the slopes, embracing the icy temperatures. At night it’s time to get cosy by the fire in the infamous Hunter Chalets with a few drinks.

Visit the world’s best Christmas markets

Manchester’s Christmas markets are undoubtedly a festive favourite in the local community. However, there’s an array of Christmas market set-ups across Europe, which all strive to get bigger and better each year. The best include Strasbourg in France, the oldest and arguably most authentic markets.

Enjoy a festive city break

Many of the world’s most picturesque cities are incredible places to spend Christmas. Paris is even more beautiful during the festive season, as is Prague. For a taste of Christmas in a community with a different culture, a city break is the way to go.

No matter where you end up spending it, TNT wishes our readers a fantastic festive season.

TNT Travel Natasha Dunn

Photo credit: JeimogellingerUp-FreePublicDomainPictures

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