50 Cent blasts Dame Dash for Jay Z and Foxy Brown comments

50 Cent was not happy to hear Dame Dash speaking on rumours about Jay-Z and Foxy Brown.

During a new episode of Cannon’s Class on 10 January, Nick Cannon sat down with Dame to talk about a variety of topics from tips for bossing up to his thoughts on R. Kelly.

Towards the end of their conversation, Cannon brought up his past work with Jay-Z and eventually mentions a rumour about Jay-Z and Foxy Brown, who was signed to Def Jam in the 1990s.

Cannon seemed to be referring to the rumour that the Roc Nation founder and the Ill Na Na rapper allegedly dated when she was underaged.

Although her debut album dropped when she was 18, Cannon says that he heard she was younger than that when she and Jay-Z alleged were an item.

After the interview dropped, 50 Cent chimed in with his thoughts about the situation.

“Dame is a real sucker for this,” 50 wrote in a tweet featuring a clip from the interview.

“He trying to get Jay jammed up smh.”

Although Dame all but completely shut down the Wild ‘N Out host’s questions about Jay-Z and Brown, the Power creator asserts that he’s a sucker for trying to cook up more drama around Shawn Carter.

“I thought Fox was like 16, that’s all I’m saying,” Cannon says.

“Did I sign her?” Dame shot back.

“It seems like you got a question for Jay. Ask him, don’t ask me his questions. Ya’ll keep asking me ya’ll wanna ask him, because he ain’t here. Ask him. I ain’t got shit to do with that, and I don’t even know nothing about that. And now I don’t even wanna remember nothin’ about that.”

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