50 Cent sues Rick Ross for $2m

American rapper 50 Cent – Curtis Jackson – has filed a lawsuit against another American rapper Rick Ross in federal court, according to US reports.

50 Cent is claiming that Ross sampled “In Da Club” without permission. The beat from 50’s early hit appears on one of Ross’ recent Renzel Remixes – one that advertises the rapper’s eighth studio album, The Black Market.

With his legal team, 50 contends that Ross abused the track as a means of promotion, and that 50 had nothing to do with Renzel or Black Market.

A legal rep for 50 told Billboard that “50 Cent’s most valuable asset is the name and reputation he has painstakingly built through his Grammy-winning music, acting, and business endeavours”.

“He chooses his projects carefully for the very purpose of protecting that name and reputation”.

Ross is yet to comment.

Some have speculated the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper’s suit is another retaliating move in the pair’s long-running beef – or maybe just an attempt to keep “In Da Club” in 2003.

Nevertheless, 50 and co. reportedly want an injunction against Ross’ use of his material, as well as $2 million [£1.3m] in damages. Wonder what “Tha bowss” has to say about this.

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Photo Credit: Keith HInkle

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