£50 test to detect heart attacks decades in advance

New research carried out by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), has revealed that DNA profiling can be used to detect those at risk from future heart attacks – all for the sum of £50.

In a bid to prevent serious health issues in the future, the outcome of the research reveals patients at risk in order to provide suggestions for a change in lifestyle or preventative medication.

What is being pinned as ‘precision medicine’ allows Doctors to provide assistance to patients at risk decades before they may need help – with many patients being as young as 20.

As the research and testing programme are still in their early stages of development, further trials will be carried out before the tests can be considered being adopted by the NHS.

Professor Sir Niles Samani, from the University of Leicester and one of the BHF’s leading researchers, said: “If you can identify those at risk at a younger age there is a great opportunity to offer lifestyle advice, or statins for those in the most high risk groups.

“This could mean that some people are offered statins in their 20s, when heart disease starts developing rather than waiting until middle age”.

Coronary heart disease affects over 2.3 million people in the UK and is responsible for nearly 70,000 deaths in the UK annually – most of which are caused by heart attacks.

Doctors say the disease develops at an early age, decades before any symptoms may develop. With the possibility to have access to early screening – countless lives may be saved.

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Photo Credit: DarkoStojanovic

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