50ft baleen whale washed up on Indonesian coast

A giant sea creature which recently washed up on an Indonesian beach has been identified as a 50ft baleen whale.

The massive creature, with tusks, appeared on the island of Seram – sparking a global frenzy as to what it was.

As images of the floating carcass went viral on 9 May, the scientific community began questioning almost everything about it.

For the people of Seram, however, the top priority was how to get rid of it.

Asrul Tuanakota, a local fisherman, at first thought he had discovered a stranded boat, according to the Jakarta Globe.

However on closer inspection, the 37-year-old determined that it was actually the rotting corpse of a dead sea creature.

The exact type of creature still remained a mystery, though.

The water near the Seram coastline had been turned bright red by the blood that had seeped from the beast.

Despite this, the locals were not in any way put off from wading in for a closer look.

It was George Leonard, chief scientist at the Ocean Conservancy, who finally identified the creature as a baleen whale.

He told the Huffington Post: “Trying to identify huge ocean creatures from a grainy video is tough to do.

“But once people start sharing specific information, the identity begins to come into focus”.

Leonard, at first, thought the beast may be a giant squid.

However Edith Widder, CEO of the Ocean Research & Conservation Association also confirmed it was a whale.

A closer look at the bone structure appeared to be the vital giveaway.

Seram, the largest island in the Maluku Island group, is near the migration routes for baleen whales.

This made it believable that one would be nearby and validated the findings.

According to reports, island locals have since asked the government to come and help them remove the body.

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Photo Credit: DC Volt

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