Over 55% of North West parents have no wills

More than half of parents from the North West with children have made no will, a survey has revealed.

The study, carried out by Will Aid. Found that 56% of mums and dads in the North West have not prepared this vital piece of paperwork.

Parents from Northern Ireland top the list with 67%. Scottish parents rank second in the list with 65% lacking this important document. The South West of England aren’t far behind on 64%. Yet Central London, only 29% of parents are without a will.

It comes as solicitors across the country begin to take bookings in preparation for Will Aid Month. Where each November solicitors waive their fees for will writing services so their clients can donate to the charity partnership. Many people also use the service to include a gift in their will to charity.

Peter de Vena Franks, campaign director, said: “Writing a will is an opportunity for a parent or parents to leave instructions about who they would like their child to be cared for by in the event of their death.

If you die without appointing a guardian, and there is no other parent with parental responsibility, an application would need to be made to the court to decide with whom your child will live.

“Preparing a correctly worded will with a solicitor is the best way to ensure your wishes are carried out.

“Will Aid Month provides the perfect opportunity to do this.”

Will Aid patron Dame Judi Dench added: “A will is a gift you can leave for those you love. If you choose to make your will with a Will Aid solicitor you could also be giving a loving gift to children, families and communities.

“When it comes to making a Will, my advice is simple: Carpe Diem.”

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