71% of Brits check social media during meetings


As if any of us can deny it…

Nearly three-quarters of social media users admit to checking their social media news feeds during meetings, a survey has found. The survey conducted by LondonOffices.com has surely revealed the extent to which social media has taken over our lives.

The survey found that about 71% of in the UK check their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts during work meetings.

Some respondents said that checking their news feeds was in correspondence with their job as it requires them to do so. A spokesperson from LondonOffices.com said that,

“The rise in the numbers of smartphones has made our social media channels much more accessible. We no longer need to sit in front of the computer to become updated. Now we have platforms such as Facebook and Twitter quite literally in the palm of our hands”.

Although workers seem at ease with their smartphone use at work, another recent survey revealed that the majority of UK citizens despise how much time they spend on their smartphones; with some even relating it to a number of relationship breakdowns.



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