A 74-minute commute is the limit

How long should your commute to work be?

A new survey has revealed that there are limits to how far workers will commute to a job.

Commuters deal with a lot. Often they face obstacles in their daily morning routine. These obstacles may be encountered when waiting for transport or enduring a long journey on public transport.

A recent survey by AllCarLeasing.co.uk revealed the average journey time commuters would endure. 1002 adults from the UK took part in the survey.

Workers were asked how long a commute they would tolerate to pursue their dream job. It was revealed that the average maximum journey time that would be endured is 74 minutes – each way.

James Buttrick, e-commerce manager of All Car Leasing said that the findings are “surprising”.

The survey shows that Londoners will put up with the longest commute time. Londoners said that a travel time of 90 minutes would be their limit.

So annoying

The average Mancunian feels that a journey of more than 23 minutes would be too much.

There are also differences in the responses of men and women. Men are willing to take an 89 minute commute to work. On average, the limit for women is 59 minutes.

The survey also revealed that getting stuck in traffic on the way to work is most frustrating for staff. This annoyance was reported by 63% of British adults.

58% of respondents reported that they were annoyed by other passengers not letting others off before getting on.

People playing loud music and taking calls on speakerphone was also reported as being among the top annoyances. 55% of Britons are annoyed by this.

Taking up spare seats with feet or bags was reported as a big annoyance by 49% of Britons. People are also annoyed by passengers who don’t get their ticket out before reaching the barriers.

The findings seem to reflect the opinions of most Britons, what do you think? Let us know how far you would travel for your dream job by commenting below.

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