75% of us obese by 2030

Sorry to break it to you folks, but I’m just the messenger. The World Health Organisation (WHO) experts have predicted that the vast majority of British people will be overweight in 15 years time.

Almost 75 per cent of men and two thirds of women will be officially fat by 2030. Of those figures, 33 per cent of women and 36 per cent of men will be obese.

It appears that recent campaigns to improve diet and curb sugary and fattening foods have been ineffective, as rates of both overweight and obesity “will continue to mount throughout Europe”, the estimates from the WHO and the UK Health Forum reveal.

“Our study presents a worrying picture of rising obesity. Policies to reverse this trend are urgently needed. Although there is no ‘silver bullet’, governments must do more to restrict unhealthy food marketing and make healthier food more affordable”, the report co-author from the London-based UK Health Forum Dr Laura Webber said.

Overweight is defined as a body mass index (BMI) over 25, whilst obese as a BMI over 30.

Responding to the Health Forum’s report predicting almost all Brits being overweight by 2030, a critic said:

“Of course they will be if we continue to measure overweight and obesity levels using the discredited BMI measure! Why do all these reports about increasing weight and the obesity ‘epidemic’ never critique this flawed mechanism for evaluating people’s weight and general health?”

The situation will be even worse in other EU countries like Ireland, where almost all adults will be overweight by the same time. Only some countries will see stable or decreasing rates.

In Holland, among the healthier countries, less than half of men are predicted to be overweight in 2030 and only eight per cent obese, compared to 54 per cent and 10 per cent in 2010. Rates of obesity in women are also predicted to fall from 13 per cent to nine per cent among women.

Dreading the fruition of the predictions, an online commentator wrote, “God help the NHS then. If it’s broken now it will cease to exist by 2030; just when I might actually need it”.


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