8 interesting facts about Manchester

Interesting facts about Manchester that you probably didn’t know about

Manchester is home to the wonderful. Not only is our city filled to the brim with art, culture, and beautiful architecture, but Manchester has shown its strength and courage in recent, tragic events. Is there any wonder why we all love it so much?

But even if you love this city, do you know everything about it? Here are 8 interesting facts about Manchester you may or may not have known:

  1. It is the birthplace of vegetarianism

In a small chapel in Salford (ironically named Beefsteak chapel), Revered Michael Cowherd (also ironic), encouraged his congregation to follow a meat free diet more than 200 years ago.

2. Its home to the first ever free public library

Chetham’s Library was opening ing 1653 and is the oldest public library in the English speaking world. It was also the meeting place of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels when on a visit to the city. The research they made here ultimately lead to their work on The Communist Manifesto.

3. The Curry Mile isn’t actually a mile long

The Curry Mile is the largest concentration of South Asian restaurants outside the Indian subcontinent. However, despite its namesake, the stretch of restaurants on Wilmslow Road is actually only just over half a mile long.

4. The atom was first split here

Working at the University of Manchester, Ernest Rutherford won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1908 for his work on radiation. He was the youngest person to do so and was the first person to split the atom in 1919.

5. It’s where Rolls met Royce

Charles Rolls met Henry Royce at The Midland Hotel in 1904. It was here where the idea for ‘the best car in the world’, The Silver Ghost, was born.

6. Manchester has the largest student population in Europe

With universities in the city including The University of Manchester (UOM), Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), The University of Salford (UOS) and British Institute of Modern Music (BIMM), Manchester has a student population of over 100,000.

7. Danger Mouse was born in Chorlton

Danger Mouse, the cartoon television series that ran until 1992 was created by Mark Hall and Brian Cosgrove. Their production company, Cosgrove Hall Company, was based in Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

8. Beetham Tower is tallest residential building in the UK

Not only does Beetham Tower tower over our city, but is the tallest residential building in the UK with a whopping 47 storeys.

So there you have it, 8 interesting facts about Manchester. Did you know any of these already? If you did, tell us in the comment section. Equally, do you have any more bizarre and interesting facts about Manchester that you’re dying to share?

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