80 arrested in domestic abuse crackdown

Police have arrested 80 people who were wanted in connection with domestic abuse offences, as part of a two-day crackdown.

Hundreds of officers took to the streets ahead of Valentines weekend and arrested offenders for a range of offences including rape, assault, breaching restraining orders and making threats to kill.

The operation, which has been named Olympus, saw local officers work alongside specialist units such as tactical aid units and ANPR intercept officers in order to locate culprits.

Superintendent Craig Thompson has stated “These fantastic results show that we will do everything within our power to locate offenders who make their partners lives a misery. I am delighted that ahead of Valentines weekend we have been able to rescue victims from these abusers who instil fear into their partners and fill their relationship with control and violence”.

Mr. Thompson also went on to say, “Taking these abusers off our streets is a huge part of what we do but we also want to stop this type of crime happening in the first place. I urge people to take a step back and consider the relationship they are in”.

Domestic abuse can be emotionally as well as physically challenging and in December new legislation was introduced, meaning that for the first time perpetrators who control their partners through threats and by restricting their personal freedom could face imprisonment in the same way as those who are violent towards them.

Victims of domestic abuse are urged not to suffer in silence – call the Women’s Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0161 636 7525 or Men’s Advice Line on 0808 801 0327.
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