A doll meant to look like Idris Elba has left fans confused

A handcrafted Idris Elba doll worth £850 is being dragged by fans – because it looks nothing like him.

British doll maker Emperis created the doll, dressed in a light brown suit-and-waistcoat combo. The doll wears jeans and camel-coloured high-tops and it looks like the model of a very suave man.

It was supposed to be a model of the actor, who was recently named the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine.

Instead, it’s been compared to Jafar from Aladdin… and others.

People are in agreement: that’s not Idris Elba.

“This doll is supposed to be Idris? Somebody getting fired”, @courtdanee2 tweeted.

With its arched eyebrows, pointy nose and absolutely no resemblance to the actor, fans are struggling to see the Idris Elba element.

In fact, people are pointing out the doll’s likeness to Think Like a Man actor Romany Malco.

“Who made this doll???!!!” One person wrote on Facebook.

“They got their Black actors mixed up! LMAO This is Romany Malco, not Idris Elba. #lies #LOL.”

Still, something must be working. However, according to the doll creator, which has previously made dolls resembling Cher and Freddie Mercury, the Elba doll has been a hit since it was released.

On Emperis’ Facebook page, it says there are only a few of the 17-inch dolls remaining, which are made of resin that gives it a “flesh-like feel.”

And on the company’s website, it appears the Elba doll has sold out – or been removed.

Emperis was founded in 2010, according to the website, and is the only creator of “handcrafted ball-joined dolls” in England.

This isn’t first time a famous person’s likeness was questionably rendered in art. Last year a bust of Cristiano Ronald at the Aeroporta da Madeira was roasted for looking nothing like the footballer.

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Photo Credit: TwitterWiki Commons

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