A. Monaie Designs

Manchester-based business, A.Monaie Designs offers personalised, handmade, creatively crafted jewellery and accessories for fashion lovers.

The owner of the company is a local young black woman who designs and creates ‘uniquely beautiful’ jewellery and accessories. Her love for art and creativity motivated her to begin her jewellery business. A.Monaie is able to translate ‘stories’ through materials and fabric – this sets her apart from the rest.

A.Monaie, refuses to be ‘put in a box’, so unsurprisingly her designs are eclectic, vibrant and diverse. The creativity of her designs reject society’s conception that you ‘have to be x or y or z’. Thus, those who flaunt her designs stand out and resist categorisation.

The work of A.Monaie is hugely inspirational especially as her pieces carry with them an encouraging message. This message inspires consumers to embrace their individuality and unique life path – which changes shape as time passes by.

The carefully crafted jewellery and accessories are fitting for ‘creatives, trendsetters, heroes, and heroines’. Many of A.Monaie’s Designs also take inspiration from Africa, thus encouraging consumers to wear their history proudly.

A.Monaie Designs also accept custom, personalised orders and gift orders – perfect to commemorate a special occasion or milestone. With these designs you can express your personality and add a thoughtful touch to a gift.

A.Monaie Designs has been featured in fashion blogs and products have reached as far as the Czech Republic. The Baltimore born designer and entrepreneur accepts international orders from her website, www.amonaiedesigns.com.

For more information, visit the website and follow ‘amonaiedesigns’ on instagram, twitter, facebook and pinterest.

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Photo Credit: amonaiedesigns

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