A tek mi shoes off

“I’m bricking it, what if they don’t like it?” said Nia.

“Positivity Babygirl,” replied Benjamin.

The Six were backstage at Nia’s fashion show – her Spring/Summer 2015 collection – offering all their support. It was Nia’s best collection yet, not only had she put her heart and soul into her work despite going through a painful divorce but she was free to really express herself away from the abusive, controlling glares and put-downs from her ex-husband Mr Blake ‘Sh*t’ Brown.

“You are one serious fashion designer Miss Nia, your collection is on point,” Benjamin reassured.

“Here, drink some champers,” said Lilly Parker who was doing the makeup for the models.

“Where’s Knight?” asked Steele.

“Oh he’s busy setting up the music for the event,” said Benjamin.

“Lela, can I just ask this model a few questions for my column as you do her hair?” asked Sasha.

“Yeah that’s cool Sash but gyal best nuh move she head or she ears dem will get bun wid di hair straightner.” Lela continued, “who’s that white guy with Miss Elli?”

“Apparently it’s his ‘friend’ but they look too close for comfort to me,” said Sasha.

“Is the white guy gay?” asked Lela.

Hello!” said Sasha.


Rena Patel, Nia Brown’s BFF since primary school, entered the backstage chaos. “Hi guys, this looks amazing.”

“Never mind this, is he here?” asked Nia.

“Yes, he’s sat out there,” replied Rena.

“Who we talking about?” asked Lela.

“Uzzy Khan the man she wants to marry but can’t,” said Nia.

“Because he’s Muslim and you’re not, been there done that love, I know what you’re going through, I could not be with my Muslim fella coz I’m a white, Catholic girl… I was heartbroken for months,” said Lilly Parker.

Sasha did the introductions. “Lilly is my girl-stroke-bestie from since forever… And Rena Patel is Nia’s BFF and you both love-off sexy Asian men, I think you girlies need to talk!”


Sasha went off to go find her gay boyfriend and his ‘new friend’.

“Sasha darling, this is my friend Bobby Alistair. He’s a photographer and he’s shooting the fashion show as a favour to me,” said a smug Miss Elli.

“Nice to meet you Bobby I would love to see your work,” said Sasha.

“Ok cool, Ell can sort it,” Bobby replied excitedly.

“Bobby I’m just gonna pinch my gay BF for a minute.”

Sasha motioned Miss Elli and whispered, “what’s going on Miss Elli a tort you didn’t do white man?”

“I don’t.”

“Shat-up the chemistry between you two is electric what’s going on, remember, mi no yuh.

“Ok, I like him but…”

“But what Miss Elli?”

“He’s not my flavour darling, I love di chocolate.”

“Well it looks like you’re feeling di vanilla…Look Ell if ya happy, ya happy.”

“I’ve never dated a white guy before.”

“Well there’s a first for everything and he fine as hell so get it on my gay boyfriend.”

Miss Elli kissed Sasha on the cheek and said, “I love you darling.”

“And I love you more,” replied Sasha.


It was manic backstage, the show was about to start…

“Nia I’m going to get Ben and Steele to go watch the show now,” said Sasha.

“Ok go right to the front the seats are reserved for you lot there.”

“You moving like that?”

“Yes of course you’re my peeps; you’re the ones who got me through one of the toughest phases of my life.”

Sasha kissed and hugged Nia and said, “I’m proud of you and don’t worry about your show, it will be amazing just like you… And for the record, you’re my hero.”


After the impressive show Sasha went to the bar and joined Rena Patel and Uzzy Khan who were talking with a couple.

Uzzy began, “let me introduce you to my partner’s friend she’s a talented writer.”

As the couple turned to face Sasha she froze for a mere moment and then extended a hand, keeping her cool she said, “Hello.”

“Hello,” replied the Black Coffee – aka Mr Sterling Freeman – he continued, “This is Toi Tola…Toi Tola this is Sasha Satchel.”

Sasha turned to Toi Tola. “Hello it’s nice to meet you.”

“Sasha can I speak with you alone for a minute?” asked Sterling.

“No!” said Sasha and left.


The rain was coming down hard as Sasha made her way to the taxi stand; she was feeling sore, hurt, invalid and alone.

And there he was.

Max Lowman – aka desire, aka bad-man – who always seemed to turn up out of the blue, at her weakest moments.

They walked towards each other.

No words were spoken.

Max drew Sasha close towards him inside his coat shielding her from the rain and held her tight, she looked up at him and he loving kissed her, it was a tek mi shoes off and later, she let him inside…


TNT News Sam Sutton

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