A vote for remain = a vote for romance



Billed as ‘the dating and social app for the 48%’, ‘Remainder’ is the new dating app for heartbroken voters who felt disappointed by the #Brexit vote.

Coined by two ordinary voters, the app serves to pair together those who voted to remain as part of the European Union, in an effort to condole their misery.

The Remainder creators told interviewers “our Facebook feeds had turned into a never-ending funeral service. We thought the best way of recovering must be to go out for a few drinks with someone who’s in the same boat”.

Initially started as a joke, the site has received astounding levels of interest in less than a week. With a target audience of 16.1 million people who voted to remain, the website creators have high hopes.

Once signed up new members are sent a link to the East 17 classic, Stay Another Day, along with their confirmation email.

The founders will be organising exclusive events in Remain-voting cities including London, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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Photo Credit: Muramasa

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