Academy’s girls learn about career opportunities within the police force

Manchester Academy’s girls visited Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to learn about a career in the police force.

GMP opened its doors to a group of Manchester Academy students. They were invited to GMP’s Sedgeley Park training college.

One of the main aims of the day was to highlight career opportunities within the police. In particular, roles available to young people from black and ethnic minority groups were highlighted.

Former Assistant Chief Constable Karen Daber shared her journey through the ranks of the police force. During the visit, the students also learnt the policing code of ethics. They had a discussion with a range of policing delegates.

The students came to understand why high standards of ethical behaviour are so important.

The group also designed and delivered a presentation on one of the nine key principles of ethical policing.

Manchester Academy’s principal Andy Griffin said that the school is “grateful” for the excellent opportunity. The opportunity has made a “real impact” on students and their career goals.


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