The Act comes to Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre

This July, The Studio, at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre, Company Three will be bringing a young fun show – The Act – to mark the beginning of the summer holidays in Manchester.

The Act is about love between teenagers. With an original perspective for a widely-covered theme, the show vividly enacts ‘how you think we look together’, the theatre says.

It is about ‘the way things feel, the time you feel them. It is awkward, funny, terrifying. It is excruciating anticipation’.

The Act promises to be brilliant theatre which tells a story whilst helping nurture the talent of the actors and people involved in its production.

The one-day show will have a matinee and an evening showing in the 90-seat space, so audience members are advised to book their tickets early to avoid any disappointment.

Here’s a synoptic trailer of what The Act has to offer:

‘Give her a cheeky smile, let her know you’re interested

You need to catch her eye, you know flirtatious stuff?

You need to be a little bit vulnerable

Be confident.

Show her your soft side

But you don’t wanna be too vulnerable. You don’t wanna be too soft

Pretend they’re the only one

Because then they’ll feel special.’

“By the end of the show it feels like I have crouched down next to these teenagers, searched for their pulse and felt it beat.” Miriam Gillinson reacted after watching The Act.

The London Theatre company said: “Company Three’s The Act is just brilliant. The end…wonderfully creative, interesting, funny and self-aware”.

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Photo Credit: Royal Exchange Theatre

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