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Actress Naomie Harris to receive Variety Award

Bond star, Naomie Harris, has made history in becoming the first black woman to win the Variety Award.

The prestigious award ceremony – which accolades the talents of directors, actors, writers and filmmakers – is to be held on 4 December. The Variety Award aims to highlight ‘global impact’ and applaud the ability to place a ‘spotlight’ on the UK.

The 40-year-old is most renowned for her portrayal of Bond girl, Eve Moneypenny in the Bond instalments, Skyfall and Spectre. Harris in her depiction of Moneypenny added an extra essence of sexiness, sassiness and sophistication to the classic bond girl. In this role she re-coloured the conventions of this character; transgressing racial barriers which would typically confine her to a marginal role.

In addition to this, her representation of Britishness – especially Black Britishness – has made an inerasable imprint on the film world. The inspiring actress is to be awarded among fellow co-stars, Daniel Craig, Sir Michael Caine and Dame Helen Mirren. The actress’ inclusion alongside these Hollywood stars was heartfelt by Harris who is: “touched and honoured to be included alongside such an inspiring and talented group of filmmakers”.

Such success and inclusion is to be celebrated. In October 2016, a study found that only 13% of those cast in all British films are black, with 6 in 10 black actors remaining without names.

Far from nameless, Harris is a ‘versatile’ actress who is making a ‘huge impact’ internationally – also outstanding in films such as Moonlight, and Collateral Beauty.

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Photo Credit: Liam Mendes

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