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Manchester’s African Caribbean Care Group (ACCG), based in Hulme, provides health care and support to the elderly of an African Caribbean decent.

The services provided by the group have a positive effect on the lives of many people in the Manchester community.
General manager Dorothy Evans told TNT about the way that the service benefits its users. She said that the ACCG “provides what is relevant to people’s needs” and that their main focus is on “helping to prevent people from a feeling of isolation”.

Back in June of this year, the community centre had a shock, when it received a frightening phone call. A male called the centre and made racial threats towards its elderly people, causing everyone to be evacuated.

Four months on, we found out how the service had coped in the aftermath and how the service users have been affected by the incident. Dorothy explained, “Thankfully there hasn’t been a long term impact and that’s mainly down to how lucky we’ve been with the support from the local community. People really got behind us”.

She went on to praise the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) – in particular Tony Lloyd – for the support given, that provided reassurance that the incident was being taken seriously. The way that GMP dealt with the phone call helped to make service users feel safe again.

Luckily, the phone call seems to have been an isolated incident. The community centre has not experienced any other occurrences of that nature.

When asked about her thoughts on the speculation of a rise in hate crime post-Brexit, Dorothy strongly agreed. She said, “I think it’s clearly had an effect, I don’t think that anyone can say that it hasn’t”.

Dorothy then went on to say, “But it’s good that people are standing up and reinforcing that hate crime should not be tolerated, promoting love not hate”.

Racist hate crime incidents have seemingly been on the rise in recent months. Although, it’s re-assuring to know that here in Manchester, there’s a strong sense of community support for the victims.

Despite the shock brought to the service in June, the African Caribbean Care Group continues to deliver invaluable support to its visitors.

TNT News Natasha Dunn


Photo credit: ACCG Manchester


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