African Emancipation Day Reparations rally 2016

As part of the celebrations for African Emancipation Day, thousands gathered in Brixton for the third annual African Emancipation Reparation rally.

Held on 1 August from 10am at Windrush Square, Brixton, the rally departed for Parliament square at noon, and returning before 6:30pm.

With the message of stopping the global African genocide and environmental destruction of indigenous people’s land, the rally pays homage to the aims of the movement, which was initiated in the 90s.

The African Emancipation movement began with demands for reparations after centuries of enslavement and colonisation of Africa and Africans. The annual rallies also demand an end to the Maangamizi – the continuing “neo-colonial enslavement” of the continent.

Calling on the different constituencies of people of African heritage, the march aimed to mobilise faith communities, families, workers, students, youth and community.

The march also aimed to encourage people use their position within this country to send a strong message to the decision makers in institutions such as Parliament against “desk-killing” – legislating laws and justifying policies that are amounting to genocide, ecocide, death and mass destruction.

Recognising the freedom that people of African heritage have today, was pivotal in the campaign’s message – using the freedom of speech to speak for those who are not present in physicality.

The Reparations March is a show African people’s show of strength and unification of the righteous cause of African reparation.

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Photo Credit: Ibuka

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