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African identity reflected through art

Manchester’s Chuck Gallery is a gallery which will inspire and allow visitors to identify with Africa and African identity.

The gallery exhibits work by established and emerging artists, allowing those of African heritage to make connections. The gallery holds diverse art which is of a unique nature, pushing African Identity – which is often under-represented.

TNT sat down with the gallery’s curator, Chukwudi Onwudiwe and its associate artist, Ekua Bayunu.

Ekua says that gallery’s main goal is to work with, “encourage” and “support” African Artists. The inspirational gallery have a “major” calendar event in May. They are holding a contemporary art fair in Abuja, Nigeria which they are especially “excited” about.

When asked about the gallery’s achievements, Chuckwudi says “all moments” have defined its success. Chuckwudi says that “having an audience” who have “come to appreciate the collection” is a great achievement. The audience’s excitement creates a “sense of pride”.

The gallery intends to “create an experience” which allows audiences to encounter diverse “international aesthetics”. Chuck Gallery “contributes” to Manchester’s “cultural landscape”. Visitors can take much away from this cultural art centre.

Chukwudi hopes that visitors leave “excited by the mind of the artist”. In representing “fresh”, “contemporary”, “diverse” art visitors can be inspired.

The gallery creates a sense of equality for underrepresented Black British people. Ekua says, visitors can take away “a narrative that is about my experience”.

Art plays a fundamental role in the life of young people as it is “inspiring”. Ekua says the art will “open them up to choices” and will “expand limits”.

Chukwudi says Chuck Gallery will continue “proclaiming”, “advertising” and “curating” African Art.

He hopes that “auction houses” and “institutions at an international level” will “acknowledge and recognise” the works of African artists.

Chuck Gallery will inspire and uplift the local diverse community.

TNT Arts & Culture


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