Ahmadiyyas Women’s Charity Peace Fair

In celebration of the Ahmadiyya Women’s North West Charity Peace Fair, 200 women gathered at the Dar-ul Aman Mosque, Manchester.

The event, which was held on Sunday 29 January 2017, was inviting to women from every section of society.

Marvellous exhibitions from six different charities were showcased. NSPCC, Make a Wish Foundation, Lancashire Hospice, Alder Hey Children’s Charity and Women’s aid made an appearance.

The event proved extremely successful, with a grand total of £1400 being made.

A £2000 cheque was presented to Rebecca Bainton, the regional representative of Macmillan Cancer support.

Lucy Lemmings, from Make a Wish Foundation, said:

“It’s been tremendous to see the organisation chose to support six charities; it’s been lovely to hear something from each of the representatives and to hear about the work of the community.”

“I’ve really enjoyed donating to the different causes.”

Several Manchester and Trafford Councillors shared one voice, echoing the communities’ universal motto of ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’.

President Mrs Samina Irfan closed the event with a vote of thanks. Guests were also given a tour of Manchester’s most beautiful Mosque.

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