Akala at Free Education Manchester – Watch

From 11.30hrs to 18.00hrs today, Manchester Academy on Oxford Road will be hosting the FREE EDUCATION MCR community event in collaboration with The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company. There are many reasons for you to attend but one that certainly warrants attention is one of the key speakers at the event, Akala.

Akala (Kingslee James Daley) for those unfamiliar with him, is a British rapper, poet and journalist. The 31-year old is most notable not only for his intellectual lyricism, but for leaving former English Defence leader Tommy Robinson tongue-tied on BBC Three’s Free Speech. More recently, The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company’s Akala struck many chords with his “Racism is a business” video in which he sheds light on everyday racism, whilst suggesting noteworthy measures to curb it.

Joined by a host of many other speakers including Colette Williams, poets, students, teachers, organisations such as Operation Black Vote, and Unison, Akala will headline the occasion comprising of discussions, campaign and creative workshops exploring the meaning of free, liberated and democratic education.

There will be different sessions on the different aspects of Free Education, starting from 11.30, alongside workshops and creative workshops, and stalls. The full program for the day will be given upon arrival.

It’s an event you surely won’t want to miss; an enjoyable and educational way to spend a wet Saturday.


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