Akua Naru coming to Manchester – Watch

Call it an early Christmas gift if you must, but do yourself a favour and book your tickets to see Akua Naru, who will be gracing our city at ‘Band on the wall’ this autumn.

Scheduled to come and serenade hearts whilst feeding minds on 10 October, it’s crucial that TNT sheds a little light on Akua Naru for the uninitiated.

Born in USA, the 37-year-old hip hop artist, who currently lives in Cologne in Germany, is an American lyricist, poet and performer. With her debut album, “The Journey Aflame” having received global acclaim, Akua has already gathered enough reputation to put her in the ranks of other notable artists like Floetry, The Roots and Lauryn Hill for example.

With profound lyricism, conscious rhymes and a flow that only comes after mastery, it is no wonder that Akua is gaining so much attention and positive reviews.

Commonly, listeners have associated her music and movement with the 90’s hip hop era which many listeners say is the golden era of the genre. It is because of this that Akua’s musical and poetic gifts have been appreciated within and beyond hip hop circles and are amplified within live performance.

Accompanied by her band, DIGFLO, a six-piece ensemble including drums, keys, saxophone, flute, bass, guitar, and turntables, Akua will be captivating Manchester’s audiences whilst inspiring many. She will also be dispelling the myths about women and hip hop.

Clearly, her music and performances are a testament to the legacy of soul music and the powerful female voice on which it thrives.

TNT Entertainment Yasin Chinembiri

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