Alain Fagnidi: “Lifestyle Influencer”

Designers, like seasons, come and go. However designers with a unique luxury meticulous touch are rare. Alain Fagnidi, a young Lifestyle Influencer from Ivory Coast, is one who rightly earns the latter title.

Mr Fagnidi’s success story centres around one thing – his fixation on design. However what separates him from the rest is not only his background or MCMLXXVIII clothing line (his year of birth -1978), his furniture but how he wants to attract and inspire young people by imparting the narrative of his journey.

“Most of the black celebrities in America talk about issues within the black community but don’t do anything real to change things. They are successful but do we know their story. If they speak to their fans about their pasts, it will inspire and help them”, the 37-year-old told TNT.

The Lifestyle Influencer has outlined that he went through “many mistakes” and fell over hurdles before being successful, and making this known is what he deems may be instrumental is effecting change in attitudes about the black business apprentices.

With a passion for art and design, Mr Fagnidi began weaving his dream into fabric-like reality when he was a young man growing up in Cote D’Ivoire [now Ivory Coast] in West Africa. In 2000, the contemporary African luxury design specialist sought to pursue an educational program to study his passion. This led him to Paris where a two-year spell in design school UHP, honed both his design and business acumen.

After joining a rental estate rental firm, Mr Fagnidi decided to create a clothing line – MCMLXXVIII – and to go “from fashion model to role model”, he told TNT.

According to his vision for the MCMLXXVIII, Fagnidi has 7 role models weaved into his brand: MC is the Motivator, M the Dreamer, L the Lover, XX the Helper, V the Teacher, II the Inspire and I the Influencer. Mr Fagnidi surely intends to leave a legacy for young people however his luxury clothing line caters for black men’s physique – having studied it for 3 years. By black we mean rounded and muscular figures that hardly get catered for by mainstream brands.

“If you look in Europe, black people spend the most money on clothes yet we don’t have our own lines”, he said. With his male briefs, for example, ranging from £29.00 to £39.00, Mr Fagnidi is not only coming to break into the high end clothing market; he intends to stay.

Eponymously named, the Fagnidi International Group offers luxury clothing as well as furniture and accessories. Essentially, it is ‘a life style brand’.

This will not be the last TNT will hear from Mr Fagnidi however on parting, he said:

“I believe each of us come into the world with a gift. We have the ability to empower or hurt people and many choose to hurt. I choose to empower”.

TNT Fashion Yasin Chinembiri

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