Alain Fagnidi: The Fagnidi Empire

Lifestyle Influencer and luxury design specialist Alain-Michel Fagnidi is more than a business; he is an empire. With his Fagnidi Empire, Mr Fagnidi is not only a fashion businessman; he offers furniture and accessories as well.

Speaking to TNT recently, Mr Fagnidi said he intends to – via his clothing line, MCMLXXVIII – go “from fashion model to role model”. The Ivory Coastian’s business expresses the designer’s passion through a variety of genres including furnishings and decor.

Taking his unique design sense from Africa to Europe to Montreal, Canada and now Atlanta, Mr Fagnidi said he considers himself “an ambassador of style”.

“My vision is to combine raw, rustic and earthy native African and other ethnic elements with the finest contemporary materials from all over the world. The outcome is exquisitely designed pieces of all sizes that define the concept of luxury”.

The Fagnidi Empire uses inspired design based on “exotic indigenous African materials such as ebony, stone, Bogolan mudcloth, Kinte cloth, and bronze”, he says.

Consisting of several lines, the Fagnidi Empire includes the Empire Line. This is the most exclusive collection of fashion and furniture; with a maximum of between 500 and 1000 pieces of any one design. Every chair and glass and garment in this line is “a piece of art”.

Alain-Michel Fagnidi has big plans for the future in serving the U.S. market through his Atlanta base. “I have big dreams, all of which I intend to make a reality”.

TNT Fashion Yasin Chinembiri

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