Alain Fagnidi: The ‘Royal’ Fashion Show

At TNT, there are three action words that are central to our ethos – Inform, Uplift and Inspire. Lifestyle Influencer and luxury designer Alain-Michel Fagnidi is one of the very few influential black businessmen to actively meet all three. “I am on a mission”, Alain-Michel Fagnidi told TNT.

In an exclusive interview to TNT, the 37-year-old Ivory Coastian told us he will be producing a ‘Royal’ Fashion Show due out in February 2016 – Black History Month – called His-Story: King David.

“I want to present my fashion show as an art performance – it’s like a musical. It’s about a prince who marries a princess, to become the new king because the [current] king is about to pass away”, Fagnidi said.

Showcasing his MCMLXXVIII clothing line through the Fashion show, Fagnidi spoke of how the king in the show will have young men somewhat audition to marry his daughter. As the young men arrive for said goal, the princess, they are dressed in Fagnidi’s clothing line from robes, to modern wear and then underwear.

Featuring in the Fashion/theatre  show will be David McIntosh (the prince), Porsha Williams (the princess) and Kenya Moore (the queen) from the popular American TV series, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, in which the final shooting in the new year, Alain stated.

Whilst Fagnidi is still in search for sponsors for his fashion show, he is confident it will be out by its scheduled time next February.

TNT will update you nearer the time.

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