Albert Square to host Manchester’s first Bierfest

The first German Bierfest will arrive at Manchester’s Albert Square on 1 June and will run until 5 June, guests are promised to endure amazing experiences relating to German culture.

The German Bierfest is formed on the concept of a sommerfest, or summer fest, and usually the Bierfest will include market stalls, beer gardens and various funfair activities.

The organisers hope to make it an annual event as they aim to bring new and refreshing events to the city of Manchester, the Festival’s director Carsten Raun has revealed “We want to bring a new attraction to Manchester and we expect up to 20,000 people, guests of all ages are welcome”.

Attendees of the Bierfest will be able to immerse themselves in the vintage setting of a German village, which is populated by wooden huts. Here, guest can discover all kinds of original German products from delicious hot wurst to luscious sweets and unique souvenirs. In addition there is also a bier garden where visitors can enjoy a cold German beer in the relaxing ambiance of a summer’s day.

A nearby Sekt garden will also be incorporated as part of the festival – the Sekt garden will be an exclusive area that offers people the opportunity to taste the famous Sekt or German sparkling wine. A fun time area with various games such as a shooting hut, Hau den Lukas and bull riding will also be available.

Opposing the mellow and easygoing atmosphere of the German village will be the Fest Tents with their vigorous and excitable tone. A German band is set to entertain revelers all night with German music and later on, British R&B covers. Guests will be seated next to one another on the traditional long benches and tables. There is a limit of 1200 seats so it is advisory to book now.

Admission in to the German village is free daily, but for the Fest Tent there is an entrance fee of £5 on Thursday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday and it will cost £10 to gain admission on Friday and Saturday evening. Children are welcome in the German Village but are only welcome on Sunday in the Fest Tent. The age limit for the Fest Tent on other days is 18+.


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Photo credit: Henning Schlottmann

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