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Albert’s Bar – A tantalising taste sensation

Albert’s restaurant & bar is situated in south Manchester on Barlow moor Road in the exclusive suburb of Didsbury.

Didsbury is a food haven to all food connoisseurs. Lined with independent bars, restaurants and quaint shops, which house home furnishings to hair and beauty salons, it evokes feelings of a new bustling country village.

Upon entry through the large glass doors, Albert’s boasts a contemporary layout of chrome fixtures and fittings, white walls and blue leather upholstered intimate seating booths. It houses an open-plan kitchen, with the head chef, sous-chef de cuisine (under-chef of the kitchen) and the direct assistant of the chef de cuisine.

Also dotted around is a sparse, but adequate, arrangement of silk flowers – which for me is ‘juste pas fait’. However, it’s still an uber chic and ultra-cool new look of family-friendly restaurants and bars to have evolved around the last 10 years.

Manchester has seen a growth of eateries like Albert’s scattered around south Manchester and in the city centre like Tattoo and Australasia.

As we approach the bar area it is a condensed version of the restaurant’s stylish décor; with a cluster of bar stools and open booths. The bar has an eclectic mix of drinks for you to taste. Amongst them champagnes, specially brewed beers and lagers and the utterly fabulous cocktails from cosmopolitans to mojitos and strawberry daiquiri, just to mention a few. Nonetheless, we are here to talk food – bar food to be exact.

The highlight on a night out in Didsbury

The bar is open 7-days a week, and until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays for those who want to socialise at this elegant spot but do not want the full 3-course meal experience.

First up, Tempura king prawns with a sticky honey and sesame seed dip. These are lightly battered king prawns with a sweet moreish dressing. Although too heavily battered for me on this visit, with little-to-no seasoning, it was still tasty. Having dined here previously and had this dish a few times, on this occasion it just lacked that extra exquisite taste. It is usually my favourite staple dish.

Crispy Szechuan beef with an oriental salad and a soy & ginger dressing was next. This can only be described as a tantalising assault on your taste buds; crispy, spicy with an oriental burst that just melts in your mouth.

Yellison farm goat’s cheese fritters with date and apple chutney came straight after. This is sheer delight on the tongue. The crispy, well-spiced exterior with toasted sunflower seeds combined with the soft goat’s cheese, oozes into your mouth upon the first delicate bite.

All in all Albert’s restaurant’s bar food is one of the highlights of any night spent around Didsbury. It’s certainly a ‘thumbs up’ from The Nubian Times and a must-try for any bar crawls in south Manchester.

I’m open to gift cards supplied by Albert’s restaurant & Bar – That will do nicely!

TNT Food & Drink

Food: ****`

Service: *****

Ambience: *****

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