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Aldi’s £299 hot tub a sizzling deal

Aldi’s £299 ’Intex’ hot tub proved to be a hot deal when it sold out online in just hours.

The bargain sold out on Aldi’s online store within hours. Luxury spa hot tubs are quickly becoming one of the must-haves for summer 2017. Usually, these kind of hot tubs cost £10,000.

Aldi’s four-person blow-up tub presented a real bargain to customers. The hot tub features 120 jets, a powerful heater and a lockable insulating cover. The cover helps with minimising heating costs and its inflatable feature makes it fully portable.

Also featured is a limescale protection system which ensures that owners experience the maximum amount of fun.

The ‘spa pool hot tub’ is marketed as being the ‘perfect way to unwind after a hard day’s work’. It can be used either indoors or outdoors.

The tub became available in Aldi stores. It is said to be the hottest deal of the year.

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Photo Credit: Intex Recreation Corp

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