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All Stars Of Comedy 2015-16 UK Tour – Slim and Friends

Karnak Entertainment fresh from their sell-out Will-E Robo 2015 UK tour
The hugely successful international comedy clash is back with an almighty bang.

This season’s all-star line-up features the undisputed pound-for-pound champion of the UK Comedy Circuit, the people’s choice, Slim; the hilarious Bajan dance hall queen, Wayne Dibbi Rollins; rapidly rising star on the UK comedy scene, Axel Blake; the new comedienne on the block, Judi Love; and urban comedy sensation Smash.

‘Laugh after laugh… full to the brim with raucous and cheeky performances’ – Nottingham Post

Slim and Friends, as part of the All Stars Of Comedy 2015-16 UK Tour, are to perform for one night only in Manchester at:

Friday 9th October 2015 – Lowry Theatre, Salford Quays, Manchester

** Special Limited Early Bird Tickets for the All Stars of Comedy tour are available upon request, subject to availability. For more info visit Facebook Page “All Stars Of Comedy”.
SLIM…The people’s choice and former bus driver is the undisputed pound-for-pound champion of the comedy circuit, and arguably one of the UK’s most popular comedians. He was voted the UK’s No.1 male urban comedian for the past 5 years. A hugely successful stand up hero, Slim is a name on everyone’s lips as the best thing to emerge from the underground. His original and versatile talents have seen him perform at top venues around the world. His ability to capture aspects of life and twist them into his own brand of comedy transcends boundaries of race, age and gender and is guaranteed to have you cracking up in your seat.

Slim headlines a mouth-watering international support line-up, including Wayne Dibbi Rollins, Axle Blake, Judi Love and Smash.

Wayne Dibbi Rollins…“Dibbi” is the original Bajan dance hall queen. Born in London, grew up in Barbados for two weeks, hence her deep accent. She has won many beauty contests; has become an ambassador for Barbados; and is known and loved all over the world. She is outrageous and absolutely mad. One of the most unique and hilarious acts you will ever witness and will have you in stitches – guaranteed!

Axel Blake…Is a breath of fresh air in the comedy game and is rapidly building a reputation as the comedian to watch out for. Axel is also a talented actor and star of OnesNTwos, a new on-line comedy series produced by Favour TV. Charming, suave, edgy, plus hilariously funny, Axel is here to entertain!

Judi Love…New comedienne Judi Love hits the comedy scene with her energetic, vibrant take on real-life comedy. This warm gem claims the heart and laughter of everyone for whom she performs, especially the women. Confident and a comfortable presence on and off stage: a treat you’re sure to enjoy!

Smash…‘Cheeky,’ ‘cute,’ ‘talented all-rounder,’ are a few words to describe Smash. He has a unique delivery that incorporates the latest trends in music and modern urban culture. A talented comedian set for the very top.

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