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Alzheimer’s Society Trafford

The Alzheimer’s Society is a national charity which works to ensure that people with dementia are treated fairly.

TNT recently spoke to Rebecca Trower, a Dementia Support worker, based at Alzheimer’s Society Trafford.

Alzheimer’s Society Trafford works closely with people who have Dementia, whilst also supporting carers. Rebecca said that the society work to promote fairness, raising awareness of the disease and its effects.

In Trafford, those affected by Dementia can access a range of services including, over-the-phone support and home visits. The Alzheimer’s Society Trafford also provides emotional support, encouraging, motivating and advising those affected.

A ‘Singing for the Brain’ group takes place at Old Trafford’s St John’s Centre. Rebecca says that the session is based on the theory that music and song lyrics are “good stimulation”.

These sessions can help with “general well-being and confidence”. Group members find it “very uplifting to be singing together in a group”.

The uplifting society motivates those diagnosed with Dementia to overcome barriers. They motivate them by promoting “the idea of living well with dementia”.

“We work hard to overcome the stigma, that once you have a diagnosis of dementia that’s the end”. With the right support, information and a good network around them, those with Dementia can live a healthy life.

The society combats isolation, encouraging those with Dementia to become involved with community activities. People must also be aware of how the wider society can help those diagnosed.

Patience from society is needed. If society was more “friendly” and “tolerant”, people with dementia wouldn’t be so afraid to go out there.

In the UK 850,000 people are affected by Dementia. Rebecca said more funding and research is needed, “especially as dementia is the most feared illness for people”. Rebecca said “There is still quite a lot of work to do”.

TNT spoke to Rebecca on World Down Syndrome Day. Rebecca says the society is “fully inclusive”. Those with Down Syndrome tend to enjoy music – ‘Singing for the Brain’ is enjoyable for them.

It is important that young people are also aware of the effects of Dementia. Alzheimer’s Society Trafford has worked with Trafford College to promote awareness.

Dementia awareness week begins on May 15 2017.

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Photo Credit: Alzheimer’s Society Trafford

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