Andre Burton

Burton is one of many actors in the new movie ‘My House Party’ , TNT caught up with him for a quick chat.
Manchester-born Burton grew up loving the performing arts.

After moving to London at the age of five  he became a dancer in his late teens touring with Billy Crawford, Jamelia and Shola Ama to name a few. He also featured in music videos for the likes of Five, Cleopatra & Hanson.

Andre started acting in his early twenties and was casted for a role in Diamond Stones St Opera from where it has been onwards and upwards ever since.

What was your role?

I played the character Timmi, one of the four friends to Chris.
What made you say yes to working on this script?

The whole concept and comical aspect is what really drew me to this script. I love to laugh and make people laugh also.

What is working with Marcquelle like?
Working with Marcquelle was really fun but also very professional i.e great food on set.


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