Andy Burnham addresses concerns about transport with Older People

On 17 January 2018, members of the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network came together. To discuss and share their views on Age-Friendly Transport in the region. Speakers from Ambition for Ageing gave their perspective on the matter. The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham addressed some of the concerns that were raised by the network. A panel discussion also featured representatives from the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub and Transport for Greater Manchester.

“Age-friendly transport is an extremely important issue for Older People. It can make the difference between maintaining independence and social connections and becoming lonely and isolated.  It intersects every area of peoples’ lives.  We hope that by working with Andy Burnham, Transport for Greater Manchester and other key partners that we can address some of our members’ current concerns. And help develop transport in Greater Manchester that meets the needs of all its citizens.”

(Liz Jones, Greater Manchester Older People’s Network Development Worker, Macc)

Stephen Rhodes, Director of Customer Services at TfGM said:

“Public transport can be a vital link for older people. To get out and about to keep active and combat isolation.

At this event, we were able to listen to older people’s concerns and issues.”


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