Angela Bassett revolutionises skin care

American actress and film director, Angela Bassett, has teamed up with Dr Barbara Sturm to launch a brand-new skincare line ‘Darker Skin Tones’ – which addresses the specific needs of women of colour.

Having suffered with breakouts and skin irritation in the past, Bassett worked closely with her friend and well-known dermatologist, Dr Sturm, to control her skin.

However, the American Horror Story star noticed a large gap in the market – products that were developed to target the problems that many women with darker complexions suffer with, such as hyper-pigmentation.

Hyper-pigmentation is characterised by a darkening of an area of skin. This is caused by the overproduction of a pigment in the skin known as melanin. Although it can affect anyone, the condition is more prevalent with darker skin.

After two years of research, the 57-year-old star is working to extend Sturm’s skincare line in order to address these issues that often go ignored and untreated.

The 5-item line aims to reduce inflammation, even skin tone, minimise pores and reduce hyper-pigmentation by using purslane in every product. Purslane not only helps even out skin tone but also works as an anti-aging agent, making it suitable for older skin types as well.

Bassett’s new range will include a foam cleanser, an enzyme cleanser, two face creams and a hyaluronic serum and will be exclusive to Harrods, both online and in-store, from July onwards.

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Photo Credit: WIRED

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