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Angolan activist Alfa Kuabo in Alabama

Angolan activist Alfa Kuabo who hosted the ‘Bridging the Gap’ event, that took place at Troy University of Alabama at the end of May, is in a lot of ways an inspiration.

The Angolan speaker travelled to the U.S. and worked with the ‘Waker Foundation’ to promote the abolition of inequalities of all kinds, between the young and the old, the rich and the poor and – of course – black and white.

The Waker Foundation is a non-profit charity group whose mission is to empower and improve the community by providing job training and education, affordable housing and a safe community in which the youth and families can prosper.

Alfa has taken part in numerous similar events in Manchester in the past, including the ‘Black History Month’ in 2014, the anti-Boko Haram protest in 2015 and the upcoming Grand Gala, a charity party celebrating the Angolan Independence, which is due to take place on 12 November in Sol House Manchester.

Mr Kuabo said: “God put me in connection with great and powerful people. Travel and networking is the best University you can have in your life.

“We can definitely come together to make the World a better Place. Peace and love to my white brothers and sisters in America and my new father and mentor Joseph Waker”.

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Photo credit: Alfa Kuabo

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