Animals put at risk of extinction – Watch

The Living Planet Index has stated that the global wildlife population is expected to fall dramatically in the next few years.

The research was carried out by the World Wildlife Fund, who have stated the population will fall 67% by 2020.

The fears of a global mass extinction is becoming a reality. As many species across an array of diverse animals become endangered.

The world’s most-loved animals are amongst the most-endangered. These include giant pandas, Asian tigers and African elephants.

These animals are being driven to extinction due to poaching and climate change.

A drop in numbers of many species has been apparent over the years. The decline is only expected to get worse in the next few years. Over the past 42 years, we have lost 58% of mammals globally.  Birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles have been amongst the casualties.

As humans we are somewhat responsible for the predicted extinction of these creatures. Clearly changed need to be put in place.

If the problem continues, the animals that we can’t imagine the world without could be gone forever.

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Photo credit: S.TaheriChen WuU.S Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters photostreamskeeze


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