Anthony Joshua accused of arrogance after ‘Don’t rely on Gods’ message

Thousands of fans have accused heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua of ‘lacking humility’ after a recent Instagram post he made.

Currently the unified world heavyweight champion, Joshua recently made a post on his Instagram account seemingly aimed at inspiring the next generation. However, the post seems to have attracted the disdain and ‘disappointment’ from most of the 28-year-old’s fans and followers.

‘Respect your Gods but do not rely on them. There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you. Everything is within’, Joshua’s caption reads.

‘It’s comments like this that come before a fall’, @michael_ukp commented in response to Joshua.

Another user, @iamflexali commented: ‘This caption will be your ultimate downfall @anthony_joshua. May God guide you to the right path.’

Also commenting against Joshua, a user wrote: ‘And he’s chatting saying he’s Humble. Lol you need to be Taught To Be Humble Again. Hopefully you will lose Against Deontay Wilder So you be Humble Again.’

‘I used to like AJ but this is some mf stupid comment. He is now lacking humility. That’s how people from back in the day lost their ability. Pride! Rethink AJ, rethink!’

Adding to the criticism against Joshua, @sbljerky wrote: ‘Sad to hear… Who do you think gave you the ability?’

Another user said to Joshua: ‘What a muppet. Your ass is getting unfollowed fool. Guaranteed you will get sparked out in your next fight. Nobody talks smack about the Good Lord and gets away with it. Yes it’s all u yep yep you the man!!. Muppet.’

Whilst many criticised the boxer, there were others in support of Joshua. ‘I guess he meant gods. He AJ knows God is our champs’, @kelban0620 commented.

‘I actually think he is talking about your mentors/people u look up to and admire AKA Gods…we can’t just straight away jump to conclusions especially when the person himself hasn’t clarify what he actually meant.’ @mizzjoy1 wrote in support of Joshua.

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