Anthony Joshua encourages ‘practical’ Black activism

The heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua, has criticised aspects of the #BlackLivesMatter movement; encouraging Black activists to engage in ‘practical’ measures to support the cause.

Apart from raising awareness online on social platforms such as Twitter, the olympic gold medalist, has made suggestions for activists to support black owned businesses. The 26-year-old has also made suggestions to make financial contributions to schools.

Calling the worldwide movement ‘fractured’, the Watford-born fighter called for unity on all sides.

In a recent interview Joshua stated: “Black Lives Matter seems to be a whole thing where people are chanting and protesting and I’m not really into that. Just tweeting or instagramming about cop killings…that’s not the angle I would take.

“If every one of those marches donated £100 you could invest in black-owned schools and black-owned banks and do stuff for the poor.

“There’s a lot of black spokespeople, but they’re singing from different hymn sheets. It’s time for leaders to come together and work out a strategy”.

Joshua has said that he often takes dual inspiration from the late Muhammad Ali – in both politics and boxing.

Speaking of the icon, Joshua said: “Ali was part of a civil rights movement and rallied thousands against the Vietnam War. There was so much more to him than a man with boxing gloves on”.

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Photo Credit: iFL TV

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