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Anti-extremism campaigners criticise mosques’ Facebook and jeans ban






Several mosques have been criticised by Muslim organisations after they issued controversial advice, including a warning against using the ‘evil’ Facebook.

The Central Masjid of Blackburn [Masjid e Tauheedul Islam] published the article on the ‘Dangers of Facebook’, whilst the Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham claimed that women could not wear jeans.

Sheikh Howjat Ramzy, a former Muslim Council of Britain [MCB] committee member, said: “Islam has no objections to Facebook, just as a woman can wear trousers or not wear a scarf and can still be a Muslim.”

Sheikh Ramzy went on to describe the mosques’ interpretation of Islam as ‘totally wrong’.

Salah al-Ansari, of the anti-extremism group the Quilliam Foundation, said: “These are typical examples of literalist interpretations of Islam which are extremely fundamentalist and exclusivist.”

The MCB received calls to have the mosques in question, who fall under its remit, to remove the offending text.

However, the organisation stated that it ‘does not dictate jurisprudential positions to its affiliates’.

Blackburn’s Central Masjid tried to justify its claims by linking to a passage in the Qur’an regarding alcohol, and said: “Facebook has opened the doors for sin.

“Muslim girls and women alike have become prey to this evil.”

The Green Lane Masjid, when responding to a Q&A where they were asked if women could wear jeans, said: “The ones who wear trousers are men, and the Prophet … cursed women who imitate men.”

Reportedly, the Blackburn Muslim Association [BMA] also told women they should not travel further then 48 miles without a male accompanying them.

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Photo credit: Alexander P Kapp

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